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An AI-enhanced, infrared, large-scale, body temperature monitoring device for rapid detection of high temperature in the human head. This device can provide initial temperature screening for groups of people whose temperatures are above the normal extent, and provide high-temperature warnings after detection. 

Standard package comes with a camera head and stand, PC set and network switch.

Built-in black body for accurate temperature measurement

Measure temperature with mask on

Fast Scanning: 0.5 sec/scan per person

Contactless: Scan distance up to 8feet

Accurate Temperature Detection (± 0.5 ºF)

Cloud Data Management System

Automatic High Temperature Warning On Device

Record Export

Facial recognition

API Access

Single-point and multi-point temperature detection (under a second) up to 3 people simultaneously

Utilizes high-end 120×90 infrared uncooled Vox detector

Easy to move standing form factor, plus standard PC with powerful analysis software

Application scenarios include crowded places such as transport hubs, office buildings, malls, grocery stores, manufacturing facilities, and more.


How Our Products Work

An AI-enhanced large-scale body temperature scanner that can scan up to 8 people at the same time.