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mAI Avatar

Build the most professional and personalized AI-powered assistant for your business to be more efficient, more productive, and more customer-centric 

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Who is mAI Avatar?

mAI Avatar is an AI-powered virtual being designed to help businesses deliver excellent customer experience, overcome labor shortages and enhance workplace productivity.  

It's a customizable digital avatar that enables your employees to work smarter and faster by streamlining and automating all frontline tasks — be it answering your customers' queries, scheduling an appointment, connecting to Wi-Fi, or any other routine activity. 

mAI Avatar scores over interactive touch screens and chatbots by bringing the human touch to the conversation, thanks to its humanoid look and form. Also, it frees employees from monotonous and tedious activities.  

The result? Pleased customers and improved productivity of the staff.

mAI Avatar is based on the combination of portrait modeling technology and artificial intelligence technologies such as perception engines and cognitive engines and has the ability to perceive, recognize, and express the physical world. mAI Avatar uses electronic screens as carriers to bring a new human-machine interaction experience. 

Meet mAI Avatar
- The Fastest Virtual Robot

mAI Avatar is all about making your workplace more efficient and easier to run. It interacts using both verbal and non-verbal cues and has a response speed of less than a second. It can accurately identify users, carry smooth and natural conversations, summarize and analyze the information expressed by users, build customer personas, accurately match user needs, and establish a connection with users. 

With an average response time under 1 second, mAI Avatar can interact with your customers in real-time. It can accurately identify users, carry smooth and natural conversations, summarize and analyze the information expressed by users, create customer persona, accurately match user needs, and most importantly, establish emotional bonds with users.

mAI Avatar also has the innate ability to quickly grasp the knowledge and nitty-gritty of different industries. Moreover, it can expand the number of avatars as per the demand. In other words, mAI Avatar brings back the human dimension to servicing, and scale it. On a lighter note, it doesn’t need a day-off and never calls in sick!   

How mAI Avatar Helps You Grow Your Business,
Increase Productivity and Serve Your Customers Better

Speak to mAI Avatar like a real person

mAI Avatar does not just bring a human touch to every customer interaction, but it does so at a remarkable speed.
This also makes it the world’s fastest virtual robot of its kind.
Every conversation with mAI Avatar flows smoothly and naturally, thanks to its lightning-fast response time of less than a second!

Integrated Knowledge Base to Answer All Professional Questions 

Ever heard the saying, ‘no man is an island'? Well, that holds true for digital avatars too. mAI Avatars are constantly learning and improving themselves, just like us.
Irrespective of the industry you’re in, mAI Avatar can answer all professional questions, thanks to our open API that can be used to integrate any knowledge base to make it work better for your customers.

Smoothen the Workflow 

mAI Avatar makes it possible for businesses to automate tedious, repetitive tasks without losing the human element in their interactions with their customers. It helps streamline the processes and improve operational efficiencies.
Moreover, it drastically reduces the risk of human error, making the entire customer experience seamless and smooth.

    How mAI Avatar Works?

    mAI Avatar is the virtual assistant powered by mAIrobotics Cloud Brain. With its exceptional skillset in conversational AI, face and emotional recognition, mAI Avatar delivers a unique customer service, receptionist, and business assistant that takes your business to the next level.

    mAI Avatar makes more engaging customer interactions that build trust and improve customer experience.  

    With the skillsets in conversational AI, face and emotional recognition, mAI Avatar is available 24/7 to deliver a unique customer service and receptionist experience.  

    Hear & Speak

    Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

    • Advanced speech recognition in a noisy environment 
    • Natural language understanding & processing 
    • Contextual understanding
    • Customizable conversational knowledge base


    Facial and Object Recognition

    • People and objects detection
    • Facial recognition
    • Demographics understanding
    • Intelligent recommendations


    Emotional Recognition

    • Emotional and tone recognition
    • Dynamic digital human expressions base on the context of the conversation

    Powered by Metaverse, AI and Robotics Technologies

    Our Cloud-based Infrastructure Makes Our Robotics Products More Intelligent

    Through the mAIrobotics Brain with the integrated professional knowledge base, mAI Avatar can learn deeply in the virtual world of robots, continuously improve their intelligence level, accurately understand the context and meaning, and easily answer various questions of users. 

    The mAIrobotics Brain features an intelligent cloud that combines Metaverse, AI, and Robotics technologies. It removes the computational limitation of robotic devices and can be shared by many robots simultaneously. The mAIrobotics Brain also provides central control of the robots and a mechanism for robots to interact with each other. 

    The mAIrobotics Axon is a proprietary security protocol accessible only by devices or applications with our authentications. It can work on Wi-Fi, 4G, and 5G networks. The mAIrobotics nerve utilizes advanced technologies such as blockchain to strengthen its security. 

    The mAIrobotics Consul is a proprietary special-purpose dedicated device or proprietary software that runs on another device. It acts like a liaison between a “robot body” and mAIrobotics brain through mAIrobotics nerve. The mAIrobotics Consul stores customized settings that give a particular robot a unique profile. 

    We adopt an open platform approach that allows us to collaborate with third-party AI service providers to expand the AI capabilities of the mAIrobotics Brain. This enables us to use best-of-the-breed technologies best fit for the unique use case. 

    We provide Application Programming Interface (API) support and software development kit to third-party companies to develop specialized applications and services that can be integrated with our platform. This allows us to focus our in-house research capacity on our core Metaverse, AI, and Robotics capabilities.  

    Reduce Cost

    Prevent Personal Information Leaking

    Improve Efficiency 

    Improve Productivity

    Reduce Human Error

    Automate Workflows

    Personalized Customer Service

    Safeguard Your Workplace

    Our Customer Successful Story

    Innoneo is one of our key partners in the healthcare space. We have added value to their business with our Gatekeeper identity management system and mAI Avatar virtual receptionist & professional assistant, which is customized to fit seamlessly into their Emsidus mobile clinics. They work with a mission to innovate and integrate with like-minded companies to move healthcare in the right direction driven by technology and ultimately the consumer, and that makes us a natural fit. 

    Their goal is to offer a decentralized model to delivering health care services through deployable standalone clinics - Emsidus. The value in this is a more dispersed system with more options for the patient, encouraging proactive measures to stay healthy, as well as offering ways to better take care of your health in a local setting. Hospitals can be deterring and sometimes overdramatic for general patient needs. This will allow more proactive treatment and education for patients, both saving lives and money -- for individuals and insurance. .

    The problem they were challenged with was providing a technology-driven, interactive, and informative access/identity management/control system to fit seamlessly onto their mobile clinic, ensuring compliance and identity using a multi-modal approach, capable of QR code technology, NFC cards, and Biometric data, all of which are necessary for visitors and staff to enter/exit the standard clinical setting.  

    That is where we were able to step in and really make a difference in the approach. Initially, we introduced the Gatekeeper, which covered the essentials of access and identity control management. We retrofitted to their pilot and came up with the system that would evolve into what is it today! 

    We introduced some of our other techs to improve what we were doing. We came out with our Pro version of the Gatekeeper, which touched on the engagement and experience factor. As a part of this initiative, we launched the addition of mAI Avatar capabilities to assist with this user interaction and patient/customer experience. 

    Being able to answer questions and offer insights are some of the capabilities the conversational Avatar will have at first. Beyond that, we can develop to assist and automate items as we further explore this new use case. 

    In conclusion, Innoneo is where the future of medicine is going—a more decentralized consumer-centric model encouraging participation in a system that works for people. These mobile clinics will be only capable because of the integrated technology and partnerships made along the way for Innoneo. We look forward to a long partnership. For now, the Gatekeeper and mAI Avatar are offering tremendous value in identity management, as well as customer experience. We look forward to rolling this technology out with the Emsidus launch! AND… look forward to where else we may be able to partner. 

    Use Cases

    Combat Frontline Workforce Shortages

    Receptionist & Customer Service

    • Visitor Management
    • Help customers connect to Wi-Fi 
    • Introduction to events and registration help 
    • Direction and map display
    • Real-time traffic information 
    • Help find nearby restaurants, coffee shops, airports, etc.

    Professional Business Assistant

    • Provide personalized professional service through facial recognition  
    • Custom professional knowledge base integrated to answer all customers' questions 
    • Collect and analyze behavioral and transactional data 
    • Improve professionalism and efficiency

    Sales & Marketing

    • Gain demographics understanding 
    • Target Ad display based on demographics 
    • Retain, cross-sell, and upsell existing customers 
    • Personalized promotional offerings
    • Intelligent recommendations based on data analysis

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