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Helping our clients to protect their business!

From local clinics to global technology corporations we help our clients to re-open safely and protect their workplace, customer and employees.

Kristine T5 Hair Salon
Watch how Kristine from T5 Hair Salon is using Gatekeeper to keep her salon safe.
Featured in TechTimeRadio Morpheus TEK
"The only AI enabled thermal scanner system in the world right now...and it's HIPAA compliant in the cloud with Google Cloud services "
T- Mobile
Tiana McNeil - Program and Business Development Director
We found out about Gatekeeper in June 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to find a solution for access control to our building, limiting virus exposure. The device is consistent, accurate, and reliable. Gatekeeper helped us to create a sense of safety and monitoring for all in the building. We loved how we can review the footage of people entering the building. It also allows us to monitor potential alerts, so we can screen and control access. The product is SPOT on and works very well, we are more than pleased with our experience. It is easy to set up and easy to use daily.
Saiful Bouquet Structural Engineers
Dawna Lough - Office / HR Manager
We needed a temperature kiosk that worked with an app to allow us to take employee and visitor temperature daily. In May 2021 we discovered the gatekeeper. It has been great. mAIrobotics tech support has been fantastic and we have had a pretty easy setup and rollout. This device allows us to scan our employees and visitors. By using the Clear to Go app we can safely store details in case we need to do contacting tracing. It was a very personal experience working with your company. The initial meetings with Christopher and Derek made a non-tech-savvy person like myself feel at ease and understanding exactly what our needs were. Do not hesitate! Great service and great pricing for a wonderful unit.
South Bay Solutions
South Bay Solutions
Mike Maleski - Continuous Improvement Director, Business Systems
At SouthBay we make custom Medical and Semiconductor parts. As a critical Silicon Valley company we need the best product to make sure our staff are safe, and our company stays running effectively. Covid-19 presented some significant challenges and mAIrobotics was the company that easily won our business. Making sure that every person had a passing body temperature is an absolute requirement, but it was taking way too much time and energy to make sure we had a good temp for each person, on each shift, every day.

After evaluating several products mAIrobotics was a clear winner. Not only did they have a great product that captured temps accurately and efficiently; it was such a nice experience to instantly be able to see and manipulate the records securely on Google Cloud from any browser. The interface was quick, slick, secure, modern and generally low friction like we would expect from proper UI/UX design. But what really won us over was the consistent, fast customer service that worked with all of our needs to make sure the product provided everything we wanted. mAIrobotics was an easy choice that has made our lives much better. Thank you mAIrobotics!
Primary & Alternative Medical Center
Dr Jean Welsh, MD
We found out about Gatekeeper 3 months ago. Our practice had to find a solution to free up staff from opening the door and taking temperature. The device is great, it always redirects patients to stop and takes temperature. We were able to free up staff, and patients do not mind using the device. The main advantage of the product is that we can make sure that no one has a fever. Gatekeeper is a great product to improve patients flow and free up staff.
advanced physical therapy
Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness
Ann D. Dennison, PT, DPT, OCS
Our physical therapy practice discovered Gatekeeper device in 2020 during COVID-19 pandemic. We use it to take patient temperatures as a screening tool for COVID-19. Gatekeeper is a very good, easy-to-use device. MAIrobotics staff assisted us with the initial setup and answered all the questions. Gatekeeper helps us not to spend time to take temperatures manually or not to spend money on alcohol wipes for the thermometer. We especially like how timesaving it is to use Gatekeeper. MAIrobotics is an easy company to deal with, with great customer service.
Quasar Digital Solutions
Dr. Fuzail Khan - CEO
We were searching online for employee healthcare and safety solutions and found the Gatekeeper. Our experience using Gatekeeper was easy and amazing overall. We were able to enhance employee health safety precautions and provide a better working environment. It is easy to use and provides quick access to data. This is a perfect product for those who are looking for an employee health safety and temperature monitoring solution. Features like "mask on" and "mask off" are really helpful. We are looking forward to new software updates and new features.
Access Support For Living - ASFL
Cliff Potts - Vice President Business Analytics and Information Technology
At Access: Support for Living, we support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health and substance use needs, and children and families facing challenges to live the healthiest and fullest lives possible.  During the pandemic, our team re-defined essential and keeping them and the people we support safe was our top priority.  After looking at several products on the market, we found mAIrobotics Gatekeeper solution.  The technology and functionality are key to making our space safer.  The mAIrobotics customer support team is always available to help sort any issues with setup, network, and usage, and they follow alongside us to ensure everything is working as expected.
Faith Inspirational Missionary Baptist Church
Faith Inspirational Missionary Baptist Church
Sharon Brooks - Trustee
MassProtector temperature scanner helped us to follow thoroughly the CDC protocols for opening our large church during COVID-19. We are achieving our members safety by taking their temperature before entering the building and before church service. We chose this product due to its high technology. We can take temperature with and without a mask. Data is easily logged on our phones and we even get alerts if high temperature is detected. The support team took their time to ensure that we could operate the product prior to the opening, and they made sure that the training was customized for our operations. They stand by their products and work extremely hard to ensure their customer are satisfied! Thank you Muqeet and Derek for everything.
into tomorrow with Dave Graveline
Dave talks to Philip Hennessey, CEO & Founder of Morpheus Tek about their robots and automation solutions for smart buildings.
Jeremy S.
No staff required!
I run a local clinic and we needed a temperature scanner that we can place in the waiting room. Previously we had to have someone from the staff to take the temperature on all our patients, but luckily now we don't have to! The gatekeeper scans all the patients automatically and we get an alert if the temperature is high. This has made our registration process smoother and faster. Also, our staff doesn't need to stand next to the entrance, which was problematic for us earlier.
Mike W.
Sleek design. Perfect for small shops!
I was surprised to see how light the product was and sleek in design. I purchased the Gatekeeper with the floor stand and it fits perfectly in my local boutique shop. I can say that many of my customers feel more confident when entering the shop, when they see this extra "protection". I highly recommend the Gatekeeper to other small businesses, due to its modern design and accuracy.
Jessica P.
Great Customer support!
After a long consideration we decided to go with this company. This is our first temperature scanner so we wanted to make sure that it was easy to contact the tech/customer support. The tech team is in California, which is great! I could even get a demo before purchasing and the sales team patiently answered to all my questions and helped me to pick the right choice for my office. We use the scanner to scan our employees before they enter the common area and its all contactless!

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Our state-of-art AI technology is gaining recognition nationwide, from being featured at the CES 2021 Trade Show to being discussed about through reputable technology presses.

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The mAIrobotics Gatekeeper and MassProtector are the only AI enabled, cloud based, enterprise integration capable IR thermal scanner body temperature solutions in the world. Able to perform face detection and body temperature measurements accurate to within half a degree Fahrenheit in less than half a second, and at distances of up to 26 feet. 
Drop the Spotlight
MorpheusTEK, a leading robotics sensor and technology supplier, partnered with DreamVu, a leader in omnidirectional 3D vision, as well as mAIrobotics, a leader of core multi-modal AI robotics technology, today announced at the 2021 CES Virtual Conference the launch of a series of groundbreaking CovidTECH social distancing and monitoring technologies that bring a whole new meaning to safety in the workplace.
Hospitality Tech
As America and the rest of the world battle the COVID-19 and adapt to the new norm, reducing risk remains the main priority. Employers strive to protect their patrons, whether they be healthcare providers, manufacturing facility operators, daycare and school administrators, or government and non-profit organization leaders, building owners, retailers and facilities managers. Their resources to do just this have remained limited by manually operated devices, until now.
La californiana mAIrobotics, por ejemplo, ofrece cámaras capaces de escanear una habitación para tomar la temperatura de todos los presentes, pero también de detectar el no uso de mascarilla o incumplimiento del distanciamiento social.

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