Safeguard Your Business

Using Gatekeeper Lite: affordable, intelligent, fully automated thermal temperature scanner

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First Line of Defense Against Covid-19, DONE RIGHT!

Gatekeeper Lite acts as a temperature screening "ROBOT" to protect your facility 24x7

  • Fast: 0.5 sec/scan

    Single-point temperature detection of 1 person at a time at speed of 0.5 sec per scan

  • Face mask recognition

    Protect your space with mask detection, real-time alarm data, and data report presentation

  • Accurate ≤ ± 0.5°F

    AI deep learning algorithm based on neural network provides higher accuracy and lower false warning rate

  • Ready to use

    Portable device with flexible installation, allowing for quick location changes and usage in a variety of scenarios

Contactless & Safe

Our contactless, AI-enhanced, infrared technology can measure body temperature quickly and accurately from optimal 2 to 4 (up to 6) feet away. 

Secure & Remote Monitoring

Our anti-hacking Cloud Data Management System provides mobile alerts timely and requires no attendant which will lower your business’ operation cost.

Sleek & Stable

The stand’s stylish and slim design is ideal for crowded places such as offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, gyms, grocery stores, warehouses and factories, etc. Its 11.4 lbs, German-made baseplate increases the base stability.

High Temperature Alerts

Temperature greater than configurable threadshold triggers alerts:  audio alert on local device, remote alert via mobile notification 

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Gatekeeper Lite’s contactless design protects employees, customers, students, patients and others while preventing potential COVID-19 exposure at entrances and reducing the risk of operations at facilities. It also has a secured fast login cloud management system and face-mask recognition technology for recording users’ body temperature even when the user is wearing a mask. Our one year warranty with technical support and developers in the US gives customers complete peace of mind. In addition, we offer same business day shipping upon request.

Meet Gatekeeper Lite

Check out our new video to see how Gatekeeper Lite really works.

Give You A Peace of Mind

With Safety, Reliability and Usability
Smart Investment

No attendant required, saving labor cost. The product pays itself in less than a month!

Increased Safety

Keep your business open, your employees healthy, and your customers safe

Confident Customers

Attract more customers to your business by offering the-state-of-art temperature scanning.


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Sturdy and works as advertised

We are using this product to check the temperature for our clients and employees at our workplace. There are several different options out there, but we decided to get this one because their company is in California. I saw other products have an issue with tech support or after-sales because the sellers are in China. The unit came well packaged. It's very sturdy and decent. I followed the instruction they sent, which is straightforward. It works as advertised.

Easy to use and it protects our employees from COVID-19

The package arrived quickly. When I received the product, it is lightweight and easy to use, better than I expected. It appears to be accurate. Because we are a small office. It is a great product for us to use it on our employees before we enter the office for work. It keeps a record of their temperature taken. I highly recommend it to other small businesses.

Great Products and Amazing Service

The device is good, but their customer service is even better! I asked for a demo before I made a purchase. Muqeet, from their sales team, walked through every detail with me. He asked about my needs and concerns and offered very good solutions. Since it could be returned in 14 days, I decided to give a try. The device works very well. It's contactless, accurate, fast, and has records. I put it at the entrance of my clinic. There are several customers who are curious about it and appreciate our efforts to keep everyone safe.