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The Most Accurate Reader + Controller Combined Access Control System. The reader and controller are integrated into one device to make installation a breeze and save you at least 40% on installation costs. 

Our Accurate, Fast And Reliable Facial Recognition Is Powered By AI And Works In Any Light Condition and Across All Ethnicities Helping You Ensure Safety And Efficiency At Your Workplace. 

Why a Reader + controller combined system is the Most efficient solution?

Traditional Wired System Is The Most Expensive.

A traditional wired access control system has separated readers and controllers which also require complicated power supply to connect readers with controllers.
A wired access control system meant for 1-2 doors will cost between $1000 and $2000 per door. 
For multi-door wired system, costs range from $1500 to $3500 per door.

Why the traditional wired system costs too much?

High costs on controllers, readers, power supply, and installation labor add up quickly. 

What's worse? The installation  is a variable because the older access control systems use a large central controller and it's expensive to run wires from the controller to the reader. Costs for a traditional system would go through the roof when it's a multi-building installation.

Our Reader + Controller Combined System Will Save You At Least 40% On Installation Costs!

mAIrobotics Facial Recognition Access Control System is a reader with built-in controller. 
This minimizes the wiring required and makes installation much simpler.
All the intelligence that used to be in the separate controller is now inside the one small reader+controller at the door. This access control system is very easy to install. These reader-controllers require the least amount of wiring and are an efficient solutions for any number of doors. 

Is the Reader-Controller Combined System Secure?

Our access control system is perfectly secure and made to protect sensitive data end-to-end from the device, through the networking to the cloud. The data management system is HIPAA compliant as well.  

Why you need a facial recognition access control system?

Along with other benefits, face recognition can now be used to provide access to buildings in a safe, touchless manner. Instead of a key card, systems provide a camera based-reader, that authorizes entry using the person’s face. All you have to do it walk up and look at the reader, it runs recognition, identifies the person and sends a signal to unlock the doors.

How do facial recognition systems prevent spoofing?

mAIrobotics Facial Recognition Access Control system implements anti-spoofing measures in order to prevent misuse and unauthorized access to the system. Such measures include face “liveness” detection (such as via blink rate), texture analysis, and user motion (challenge/response) requirements.

Does facial recognition work with face masks?

Yes. We provide the most advanced facial recognition technology that utilizes the entire geometry of the face and generate a unique signature of the face. Our system can accurately recognize people even if they are wearing a mask.  

Is facial recognition biased based on race and ethnicity?

Our system is trained on a wide array of visual data representing different races, ethnicities, and appearances assuring reliability and accuracy at all times. 

Is facial recognition access control expensive?

lOur facial recognition access control  is a reader + controller combined system! Its advanced technology will save you at least 40% compared to the traditional wired access control system.

99.8% Accurate, Fast And Reliable Detection Even With A Face Mask On

We have developed a unique, accurate facial recognition detection technology that works even with the mask on.
Facial recognition works within 0.2s with accuracy more than 99.8%.
The system supports Wifi, Ethernet connection and has its own memory capacity of 100k access records to guarantee the whole system works even the internet goes down.
What's more,  it has the highest waterproof level with a temperature range of 14-149°F which is best for the outdoor.

Other Features


Remote Security Management

  • Authorized users can remotely unlock any door, send digital Guest Passes, and activate Lockdown plans in the event of an emergency, all from the app.
  • Remotely unlock any door from anywhere
  • Secure and reliable.
  • Real-time monitor and export events


User Friendly Cloud Platform

  • Multi-site management 
  • Door management
  • Roles, groups and users management
  • Shift/Time schedule and other time restrictions
  • Remote lockdown, grant or revoke access


No Touch Access

  • Accurate facial recognition even with the mask wearing
  • Contactless access methods through facial recognition, key cards, fobs and mobile app.

No more lost/forgotten keys, pin codes, cards, and unhygienic fingerprint scanners! Identify visitors and grant/restrict access in a matter of seconds. 


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