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tracking employees' vaccination status is tricky. we can help. 

Our software solution helps companies easily track employees' vaccination and testing status and manage the data related to it securely with user-friendly customizable dashboards.

Go from spreadsheets and basic data keeping to visual workflows to manage your company's vaccination and testing program effortlessly and meet OSHA Covid Compliance requirements. Schedule a demo to see how it works!

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Here's What You Will Get

Advanced Record Keeping

Know who in your workplace is fully vaccinated, partly vaccinated, or unvaccinated.

Easily Collect And Manage Proof Of Vaccination Documents 

Enable users to upload their own vaccination documents, manage the approval process, and manually add records if needed.

Create Detailed Reports In No Time

Make better policy choices with detailed reporting on employee vaccination status, health, contact tracing and more. 

Customizable Health Survey/Questionnaire

Fully customizable health surveys to seamlessly self-screen employees and visitors for illness symptoms and ensure they are healthy before they arrive.

Exemption Management

Manage the process of approving and managing exemptions from vaccination for medical or other reasons.

Safe And Secure Data Management

All data securely hosted on the cloud using industry best practices. Comprehensive data security with encryption, secure API access, and more.

track vaccinations records, covid test results and manage cases.  

Stay ahead of requirements and regulations and ensure safety at your workplace. 

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workplace vaccination status tracking software

Vaccination Status Tracking And Health Screening Made Easy

our software solutions automate COVID-19 compliance workflows, while allowing custom configuration to support company-specific requirements.

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Stay in compliance with federal vaccine mandates and promote the culture of safety.

Manage workforce with ease, see who can work remotely or in person, make informed staffing decisions, and plan ahead with actionable data. 

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