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Gatekeeper TX

The Contactless, Accurate Credential Solution
AI-Powered Facial Recognition Terminal


Security starts from your face
AI Facial Recognition Terminal

What is Gatekeeper TX?

A High-speed Time & Attendance Management System
with Contactless Temperature Screening to Make your Workplace More Productive and Efficient 

Gatekeeper is an advanced face recognition terminal that comes with state-of-the-art features, incredible design, and enhanced functionality. It offers unrivaled matching speed, near-perfect accuracy, and a high level of security, made possible by mAIrobotics’s groundbreaking innovation in facial biometrics.  

Powered by the latest face recognition algorithm, Gatekeeper provides an exceptional performance that makes it suitable for time attendance in all types of organizations, both large and small. 

Gatekeeper has been designed to make time and attendance system simpler and your workplace safer by reducing the physical interaction required. It automates the employee attendance management process for hassle-free operations and makes your workplace more productive and efficient.  

How can your business benefit from it?

Facial Recognition and NFC Time Attendance Management System 

With Gatekeeper, employee check-in is a breeze! Equipped with cutting-edge facial recognition technology, Gatekeeper makes the check-in process simpler, faster and completely touch-free.

Its unrivaled matching speed and accuracy makes it a perfect solution for employee time and attendance management. As it also works with NFC scan, employees can check in by tapping their ID cards too.

By simplifying the employee check-in process, it saves precious time and man-hours of employees.   

Contactless Visitor Management 

Gatekeeper allows your visitors to check in quickly and effortlessly by scanning QR codes. 
It reduces the time they spend at the reception area and makes the whole process contactless and hassle-free.
Gatekeeper greatly enhances the customer experience by reducing the waiting time and making the whole process more secure.   

Automatically Updated Employee Information 

Gatekeeper helps you get rid of the time-consuming and error-prone manual attendance tracking system.
It automates the entire time and attendance management process. The excel sheet is automatically uploaded with up-to-date information of employees including their check in and out times.

It helps in saving precious man-hours of your HR personnel.
As a result, they can use their time more productively as they have to spend less time doing repetitive tasks.  

API Access for Customized Integration  

Every business is unique. We provide API access to help you customize our solution and fully integrate it into your system to make it work better for you. You can tailor our solution to suit the specific needs of your customers and make it more relevant and applicable for your business.

By providing API access, we enable our clients to companies to develop specialized applications and services that can be integrated with our platform.   

    Temperature Screening with Real-time Alerts 

    Gatekeeper enables you to protect your workplace with its contactless temperature scanning feature. It can scan body temperature from 2-4 feet.

    Thus, it’s a non-intrusive and convenient way to scan the body temperature of your employees and customers.
    Moreover, you get real-time alerts through email and SMS notifications.

    As all data is stored on Cloud, you can access it on all devices, no matter where you are.  

      Open API to Make Gatekeeper TX Fit into your Business

      Gatekeeper TX

      The first year mAIrobotics Cloud Service fee is included in the hardware price.
      The mAIrobotics Cloud Service fee of $360 will be collected starting from the second year. 

      Contactless temperature screening
      Scan distance 2-4 feet optimal
      Accurate temperature detection (± 0.5 °F)
      Fast scanning: 0.5 sec/scan per person
      Measure temperature with mask on
      Real time high temperature alerts

      Facial Recognition
      Fast scanning: 0.5 sec/scan per person
      NFC Card Scanning
      Visitor Management System
      Employee Time Attendance Management
      API Access for customized integration
      Mask detection
      QR scanning
      Questionnaire integrated
      Cloud data encryption and management system
      Real-time high temperature alerts
      AI-technology enhanced to reduce false alarms
      1 year warranty

      Our Cloud-based Infrastructure Makes Our Robotics Products More Intelligent

      Built with industry-leading algorithms, our AI-enabled facial recognition technology provides a high level of matching accuracy and ensures secure verification. Our cloud-based infrastructure makes our product more intelligent.

       The mAIrobotics Brain features an intelligent cloud that combines Metaverse, AI, and Robotics technologies. It removes the computational limitation of robotic devices and can be shared by many robots simultaneously. The mAIrobotics Brain also provides central control of the robots and a mechanism for robots to interact with each other.  

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      Powered by Metaverse, AI and Robotics Technologies

      Contactless, Accurate and High Speed
      Facial Recognition

      Authenticate authorized users' identities in a matter of seconds. 
      Protect and secure sensitive information.
      Powered by 2.2 GhZ processor with 4 Gb RAM.

      Employee Check-in System

      Contactless authentication of 
      your employees & authorized staff
      by key card or facial recognition.
      Protect your information and data.

      Contactless Visitor Management System

      Fast and easy check-in process.
      Health questionnaire/survey integrated.
      Contactless authentication of the visitors by QR code.
      Automatically notifies the manager when visitors scan their QR codes.

      Contactless, AI-enhanced, infrared
      temperature scanner

      Contactless: Scan distance up to 6 feet
      Fast scanning: 0.5 sec/scan per person
      Mask on/off detection

       Real-time Alerts

      Both email & SMS notifications, as well as live monitoring push notifications can be linked to a device of your choice.

      Data Encrypted and Secured by Cloud Service

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