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As COVID-19 disrupted the business world, it became clear that New Normal is adapting to the new reality and rethinking how the business is done.
A recent research has revealed the top 3 initiatives following the pandemic are:

mental health


Health& Wellbeing


Flexible Working


How can you ensure your business continuity in the post-pandemic world?
Are you ready to navigate the new normal?

We are paving the way for the post - COVID landscape.
Companies are developing plans to help ensure the safety of their employees.
Preventing illness, injuries, and crime will always be a challenge for businesses.
We develop solutions to automate health and safety tasks.
We need to take a comprehensive approach to health, safety, and security in the workplace.

We can help you!

From local clinics to global technology corporations, we help our clients and partners to work safely, efficiently, and protect their workplace, customers and employees.
We develop revolutionary solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes in an easy, flexible and fully transparent process.

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Affordable Multimodal AI-Driven Safety Assistant

Our contactless, AI-enhanced, infrared technology can measure body temperature quickly and accurately with no attendant required.
Features include Face Mask Detection, Real-Time High Temperature Alerts, QR code scanning, NFC Scanning, API Access, Face Recognition,

What Makes Gatekeeper Unique?

Gatekeeper is NOT ONLY a contactless temp screener,
an Multimodal AI Safety Assistant.

Contactless, fast and highly accurate SINGLE-POINT temperature detection at a speed of 0.5 sec per scan.
AI deep learning algorithm based on a neural network that provides higher accuracy and a lower false warning rate.
Screen and control access of all entrances and exits.
Accurate face recognition. Identify and verify all visitors and employees to secure your business.
NFC scanning, API Access, and easy employee management.

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is based in Irvine, California. We have built an end-to-end multimodal AI robotics system, along with various humanoid and non-humanoid service robots. Together with our partners we offer solutions to make the workplace safer, healthier, cost effective and more efficient. Our innovative and unified architecture consists of a multimodal AI cloud acting as the human brain, a fast and secure networking stack acting as the human nerve system, a robot commander, and finally the robot acting as human body or Avatar. This unified architecture can serve a vast number of smart, safe, and diversified robots simultaneously. Some of our highly trusted products are multimodal AI guard, commercial cleaning robot, portable Raman spectrometer, and robot development kit (RDK). We strive for excellence and perfection for our customers.

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