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Aquiet revolution, which has been brought about mainly by technology, is happening in offices and workspaces around the globe. As AI becomes more pervasive and accessible, more and more businesses are turning to automation to become more competitive.

The adoption and use of robots in workplaces has increased significantly, and so has their ability to perform new tasks and interact with humans. The rise of new technologies such as cloud computing and blockchain has also played a key role in growing the popularity of automated systems in workplaces. 

One of the key areas where robotics is becoming increasingly important is reception and frontline office management. Be it hospitals, hotels, retail stores, or corporate offices, businesses are increasingly using AI-powered products such as Gatekeeper Pro to achieve their goals. These products are specifically designed to help businesses automate their frontline activities and make the entire workflow smooth and hassle-free.

Gatekeeper Pro is the next-gen virtual receptionist that not just helps the users to check in but also answers their queries.

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Let’s take a look at how it can help businesses: 

Ease the Pressure of Workforce Shortage

At present, one of the biggest challenges that businesses are facing is a shortage of workers. According to a report released by Kaufman Hall, a Chicago-based consulting and services firm, labor shortages are leading to a rise in labor expenses and posing tremendous operational challenges for hospitals across the US.

While other sectors are experiencing the same issue, the situation is particularly critical for hospitals owing to the fact that the COVID pandemic has taken a huge physical and emotional toll on medical workers.

Gatekeeper Pro can help hospitals, hotels, and other businesses overcome labor shortages by automating frontline activities. It can help reduce the pressure on the staff by handling several mundane and time-consuming tasks such as greeting the visitors, providing directions, and helping them schedule an appointment. Irrespective of their size or industry, GK Pro can help businesses stay competitive even when there is a shortage of workforce. 

Take Workplace Productivity a Notch Higher   

In any workplace, one of the biggest productivity killers is mundane and repetitive tasks. Unfortunately, many workers spend their day at the workplace doing menial tasks. A good chunk of their time gets eaten up by helping the visitors schedule an appointment or, even worse, helping them connect to Wi-Fi. While these tasks are important, they don’t provide any mental simulation, are unsatisfying and make employees unproductive. The solution again is very simple. Automation.

By handling all routine and repetitive activities, Gatekeeper Pro makes it easier for employees to stay creative. They can focus on other important tasks that matter more and have a direct impact on the profitability of the business. Also, a business can redeploy its employees in better and more interesting work that utilizes their potential to the fullest. 

Another way to look at it is that Gatekeeper Pro can work around the clock, seven days a week. 

Also, it can perform certain routine tasks better than humans, without getting tired of them. All these factors contribute to improved workplace productivity and efficiency. 

Ensure Workplace Continuity in a Time of Crisis

The year 2020 brought many businesses to a grinding halt. As the lockdowns were announced across the world, many companies were forced to shut their offices overnight. Maintaining essential functions became a challenge for many organizations. Nobody saw it coming. Can such a scenario be ruled out in the future? Certainly, not. While we have little control over such events, it makes sense to be prepared. Using Gatekeeper Pro is one small step in that direction.  

Gatekeeper Pro helps businesses prevent interruptions during a crisis by automating routine but important tasks. And once the crisis is over, it makes it easier for companies to get up and running again within a short span of time.

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