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Cloud Robotics: Empowering Robots through Cloud Technologies

In recent years, the rapid progress of technology has made robots an indispensable part of modern workplaces. An increasing number of businesses are turning to automation to improve their efficiencies and productivity as well as to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic including labor shortages. Due to the advances in the field of robotics and AI, it has become easier for organizations to automate mundane and repetitive tasks.

The functionality of a robot is no longer limited by its onboard computing power, thanks to the rise of cloud robotics. Now, it has become easier for robots to perform computationally-heavy tasks even if they have limited inbuilt processing power. This has proved to be a gamechanger as it has made robots capable of performing various tasks that they could not perform earlier. Also, it has made robots economical and easier to install.

Let's dig a little deep into the technology behind the current generation of robots and how it has led to increased automation in workplaces. But before we do that, let us first introduce you to the Gatekeeper Pro, which is one of our key offerings that leverage the power of cloud robotics to the fullest. 

Gatekeeper Pro is the next-generation virtual receptionist that has been designed to make the check-in process smoother and also to help you manage your visitors. It has two components - Gatekeeper Terminal and mAI Avatar Box. It can perform a host of functions, including time and attendance management, scheduling appointments, and answering customers’ queries while retaining that human element in the conversations. 

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Limitations of Traditional Robots

Traditional robots come with inbuilt processing power and software that enables them to perform various tasks. However, they have some limitations. Due to their limited onboard memory, the developers often find it challenging to run some of the advanced algorithms that are required to perform certain tasks. Also, higher processing power in individual robots drives up their costs and makes them bulkier. 

How Cloud Robotics Can Help? 

Cloud robotics helps overcome the computational limitations of robots by using cloud technologies such as cloud storage and cloud computing. It leverages the advantages of converged infrastructure to endow robots with powerful capabilities. Cloud robotics has made it possible to build smart, lightweight and economical robots such as Gatekeeper Pro that can efficiently perform routine tasks at modern workplaces.

The mAIrobotics Brain 

At mAIrobotics, we have built a cutting-edge cloud infrastructure that makes our products more intelligent. The mAIrobotics brain is like an extended or shared brain in the cloud that optimizes the operations of our robots and enables them to complete their tasks independently. It also enables sharing of data and knowledge which can be very helpful in making our robotic devices smarter and more efficient.

As the field of robotics continues to evolve and more companies focus on enhancing workplace continuity and boosting productivity, the success of businesses will depend on how well they can automate their routine and time-consuming tasks. At the same time, they need to retain that human touch that helps them establish a connection with their customers.

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