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We focus on building a safe cloud computing network for intelligent robots, creating a large and mixed platform for machine learning, safe intelligent terminals, and Robot Control Units (RCUs).

  • Human-in-the-loop for AI service (HI-AI auto switch)
  • Physical & virtual digital twins
  • Highly scalable, reliable and secure
  • Human AI trainer platform
  • Integrate visual intelligence, natural language processing, and motion intelligence capabilities to provide intelligent services for robot operations
  • Natural and engaging Human-Robot interaction focusing on: Recognition, Understanding, and Dialogue

What are mAIrobotics Robots?

Let’s begin by asking you a question - How do you walk, run and move around?

Here’s the simplest explanation - Your brain sends messages through a network of nerves to your arms and legs, which work together to perform the intended action.

Now think of the AI brain, which we have built in the Cloud, as the ‘brain’, our products such as Gatekeeper and mAI Avatar as the ‘body’, and a mobile high-speed network as the ‘nerves’.

The AI brain performs data analysis in the Cloud and the avatar performs specific operations on the spot. Both are connected through a secure and high-performing network to form a cloud intelligent robot.

We use intelligent robot architecture combined with the cloud system to deliver top-quality products to meet the specific needs of your business.

How does mAIrobotics Brain work?

mAIrobotics Brain

The mAIrobotics Brain features an intelligent cloud that combines Metaverse, AI, and Robotics technologies. It removes the computational limitation of robotic devices and can be shared by many robots simultaneously. The mAIrobotics Brain also provides central control of the robots and a mechanism for robots to interact with each other.

mAIrobotics Axon

The mAIrobotics nerve is a proprietary security protocol accessible only by devices or applications with our authentications. It can work on WiFi, 4G and 5G networks. The mAIrobotics nerve utilizes advanced technologies such as blockchain to strengthen security.

mAIrobotics Consul

The mAIrobotics consul is a proprietary special purpose dedicated device or proprietary software runs on another device. It acts like a liaison between a “robot body” and mAIrobotics brain through mAIrobotics nerve. The mAIrobotics consul stores customized settings which give a particular robot a unique profile.

Enabling the Development of Cloud Robots with Greater Intelligence and Versatility

In our mission to expand the AI capabilities of the mAIrobotics Brain, we have adopted an open platform approach that allows us to collaborate with third-party AI service providers. It further enables us to use best-of-the-breed technologies best fit for the unique use case.

We provide Application Programming Interface (API) support and software development kit to third-party companies to develop specialized applications and services that can be integrated with our platform. This allows us to focus our in-house research capacity on our core Metaverse, AI, and Robotics capabilities.

Our Cloud Intelligence Architecture Creates an Open Ecosystem with Scalability Potential

Our Cloud-based Infrastructure Makes Our Robotics Products More Intelligent

During operation, mAIrobotics Brain calculates the current AI confidence level in real-time to determine whether human augmentation (HA) is required to intervene to assist the robot in completing the task. Through the Parallel Intelligence Platform (PIP) simulation of the real world in a virtual environment, mAIrobotics Brain can complete massive robot training in a short span of time.

Our robotic products such as mAI Avatar are intelligent virtual beings capable of performing a variety of complex tasks. They can recognize the objects, interpret body movements and give an accurate response in real time. Our high-quality cloud infrastructure gives our products the power to handle computationally heavy tasks, helping them improve their intelligence levels and expand their capabilities.

Trusted by our customers

Customer Success

Tiana McNeil
- Program and Business Development Director

"We found out about Gatekeeper in June 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to find a solution for access control to our building, limiting virus exposure. The device is consistent, accurate, and reliable. Gatekeeper helped us to create a sense of safety and monitoring for all in the building. We loved how we can review the footage of people entering the building. It also allows us to monitor potential alerts, so we can screen and control access. The product is SPOT on and works very well, we are more than pleased with our experience. It is easy to set up and easy to use daily."

Customer Success

Cliff Potts
- Vice President Business Analytics and Information Technology

"At Access: Support for Living, we support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health and substance use needs, and children and families facing challenges to live the healthiest and fullest lives possible.  During the pandemic, our team re-defined essential and keeping them and the people we support safe was our top priority.  After looking at several products on the market, we found mAIrobotics Gatekeeper solution.  The technology and functionality are key to making our space safer.  The mAIrobotics customer support team is always available to help sort any issues with setup, network, and usage, and they follow alongside us to ensure everything is working as expected."

Customer Success

Dawna Lough
- Office / HR Manager

"We needed a temperature kiosk that worked with an app to allow us to take employee and visitor temperature daily. In May 2021 we discovered the gatekeeper. It has been great. mAIrobotics tech support has been fantastic and we have had a pretty easy setup and rollout. This device allows us to scan our employees and visitors. By using the Clear to Go app we can safely store details in case we need to do contacting tracing. It was a very personal experience working with your company. The initial meetings with Christopher and Derek made a non-tech-savvy person like myself feel at ease and understanding exactly what our needs were. Do not hesitate! Great service and great pricing for a wonderful unit."

Customer Success

PIERRE S. ARISTIDE - Co-Founder & CEO at Impireum Psychiatric Group

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