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Sleek, intelligent, fully automated thermal temperature scanner with premium features such as API access, Facial recognition, and more.

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No attendant required, saving labor cost. The product pays itself in less than a month!

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Keep your business open, your employees healthy, and your customers safe.

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Attract more customers to your business by offering the-state-of-art temperature scanning.


Our contactless, AI-enhanced, infrared technology can measure body temperature quickly and accurately with no attendant required. Advanced features include face mask detection, high temperature alert on device and on mobile phone, QR code scanning. Premium features are NFC Scanning, API Access, Facial Recognition.

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API Access

With API Access, integration with employee entry management tools, reception service, and other customizable tools/portals is unlimited.

Cloud Data Management

Have the control in your hands. Manage your device online with our anti-hacking Cloud Data Management System.

AI Technology

AI deep learning algorithm based on neural network provides higher accuracy and lower false warning rate.


Our contactless, AI-enhanced, infrared technology can measure body temperature quickly and accurately up to 26 feet away.

Trusted by small and large businesses

Thousands of business owners trust our medical grade temperature scanners to keep their business open, customers and employees safe. We have tailored our solutions to serve both large and small business owners from small local restaurants to larger corporations.

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Our products have helped thousands of businesses nationwide to keep their employees and clients safe. We are especially proud to support our small local businesses in California.

Mike Maleski South Bay Solutions
At SouthBay we make custom Medical and Semiconductor parts. Making sure that every person had a passing body temperature is an absolute requirement, but it was taking way too much time and energy to make sure we had a good temp for each person, on each shift, every day.

After evaluating several products mAIrobotics was a clear winner. Not only did they have a great product that captured temps accurately and efficiently; it was such a nice experience to instantly be able to see and manipulate the records securely on Google Cloud from any browser. The interface was quick, slick, secure, modern and generally low friction like we would expect from proper UI/UX design. But what really won us over was the consistent, fast customer service that worked with all of our needs to make sure the product provided everything we wanted. mAIrobotics was an easy choice that has made our lives much better. Thank you mAIrobotics!
Sharon Brooks, Trustee Faith Inspirational Missionary Baptist Church
MassProtector temperature scanner helped us to follow thoroughly the CDC protocols for opening our large church during COVID-19. We are achieving our members safety by taking their temperature before entering the building and before church service. We chose this product due to its high technology. We can take temperature with and without a mask. Data is easily logged on our phones and we even get alerts if high temperature is detected. The support team took their time to ensure that we could operate the product prior to the opening, and they made sure that the training was customized for our operations. They stand by their products and work extremely hard to ensure their customer are satisfied! Thank you Muqeet and Derek for everything.
Jeremy S. No staff required!
I run a local clinic and we needed a temperature scanner that we can place in the waiting room. Previously we had to have someone from the staff to take the temperature on all our patients, but luckily now we don't have to! The gatekeeper scans all the patients automatically and we get an alert if the temperature is high. This has made our registration process smoother and faster. Also, our staff doesn't need to stand next to the entrance, which was problematic for us earlier.

Featured in TechTimeRadio by Morpheus TEK

"The only AI enabled thermal scanner system in the world right now...and it's HIPAA compliant in the cloud with Google Cloud services "

"It's much more than just a got lots of future thinking with the way it connects to the cloud and AI."

CES 2021 NEWS: A groundbreaking CovidTECH

"The mAIrobotics Gatekeeper and MassProtector are the only AI enabled, cloud based, enterprise integration capable IR thermal scanner body temperature solutions in the world. Able to perform face detection and body temperature measurements accurate to within half a degree Fahrenheit in less than half a second, and at distances of up to 26 feet. "
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